A whole new opportunity to your work equipment

Any Equipment

At Charlotte Commercial Wraps we have wrapped everything from generators and printers to land movers. If you have any question about whether your equipment can be wrapped, don’t hesitate to ask us!

Color Change

Wrapping is a great option for solid color wraps on your business equipment. It doesn’t take much to realize why wrapping is a fantastic option to painting.


Our team can normally wrap a piece of equipment in 1-3 days and have it ready to be used again.


Damage to the finish of a panel can be handled quickly and efficiently by removing and replacing the damaged vinyl.


A professional paint job can cost as much as twice the price of wrapping.

Be Creative

You don’t have to stop at a simple color change with wraps. Have your wraps designed with camouflage patterns, team colors, company logo, etc. The options are endless.

Professional Experts

The material is only half the battle however. Having a professional, trained installer makes all the difference in the end result of the project. With a team of installers with over 20 years experience in all kinds of materials, surfaces and situations will ensure that your project will be installed perfectly for the absolute best results.


Premium Vinyl Installation

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